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If you need more information, or would like an induction to use the Racketball Courts


  • Improves muscle tone
  • Improves bone density
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Burn's calories and fat

At the Heart of Club Kingswood

Racketball is great fun to play and the good news is that you also increase your fitness levels at the same time.

We have 7 Racketball Courts for you to enjoy.

Playing racket sports is a great way to meet different members and there is always the opportunity to meet in the bar after your game, to discuss the great shots and the near misses, over a well-deserved drink!

Racketball is ideal for those who used to play squash or are looking at playing a court sport for the first time.

As a member you can book in for a complimentary introductory session for racketball with Kerry Munn, our Racket Sports Manager.  Rackets can be hired for a small charge.


Our League System has 10 racketball leagues.  Players range from beginners through to County standard players.  Leagues give you a chance to meet other players around your level, improve your game with a little light hearted competition and set yourself goals to move up the leagues.

The league is run every month and is for all abilities.  This works with 5 people in a box, arranging your games and noting your results.  At the end of the month the scores are tallied and members move up and down according to their results.  Members can book in for a complimentary league assessment with Kerry Munn, our Racket Sports Manager.

Coaching for Squash and Racketball

Improve your game with some one-to-one training.  Coaching sessions with Kerry are available daytime and evenings from £20 per 40 minute session.  To book please contact Kerry on 07830 665203

Racket Stringing

If you would like your racket restrung, please leave it at reception with your name and number and Kerry will give you a call to discuss your needs.  Rackets are typically turned around in 24-48 hours.

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Important Information regarding your membership

In light of the recent events we have changed our minds and will not be charging any suspension fees as previously advised.
Your membership will be put on hold until we reopen with no monthly fee, so please do not cancel your direct debit.

  • All membership direct debits have been frozen for £0 per month, you do not need to do anything, we will do this automatically and restart your membership when we allowed to reopen again
  • Please do not cancel your direct debit with your bank, as this can cause a delay in resuming your membership when we re-open.
  • Annual membership expiry dates will be extended by the period of time the club is closed
  • No members will pay any fees whilst the club is closed.
  • We will give all members advance notice of when their direct debits will start again once we are able to confirm when we will be re-opening our clubs

Although we are closed, I'm sure you will still want to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle so we are working on a number of online classes for you to follow at home.

Our team of Fitness Professionals are busy filming a range of home workouts for you to choose from, to do at home or outside.  So keep an eye on our website and Social Media.

We will also publish lots of challenges you can part in on our app, so look out for your notifications

The club and all the other business's here, will come back stronger than ever, and will all be here to support you resuming your life back at the club when we re-open.

Look after yourself and keep safe and look forward to seeing you all soon.

All the Team at Club Kingswood x