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Club Kingswood is proud to introduce our new eGym

Watch our video to see how the eGym works.

Reasons to train using eGym exercise equipment

  • The intensity of your training will adapt to your goals and requirements giving you maximum results every time.
  • Automatically adjusts, so you know you'll have the right weights and the equipment will be in the right position for your body.
  • Guidance videos on large touch screen monitors throughout your training session.
  • Variety of workouts and features available to keep you entertained and focused on your goal.
  • Easy synchronisation with fitness equipment including wearables.
  • Free Fitness App with useful extra features.
  • Your training is based on the latest findings from the world of sports science.
  • 28 minutes x 2 circuits.
  • Free app and token.

Strength Training Made Easier

More strength.  Better endurance.  More energy.  Better mobility.  We have the ideal training program to support your goals.  Perfect if you are new to strength training, or a pro.

Personalised Fitness Training

Your training plan and individual workouts are precisely tailored and personalised to support your training goal and your personal physical requirements.

Rep-by-rep guidance

Your training plan is divided into different phases for more effective training.  Automatic periodisation and strength measurement provide an effective and varied workout and regularly ensure fresh muscle stimulation for visibly better training results.

Some of our reviews

  • I love eGYM it is very addictive and takes your mind off of the exercise.  All you are intent on is collecting all the coins and climbing the ranking order.  When everyone follows the rules it works really well.  Keep up the good work Club Kingswood.
    Maureen Beasley - eGym
  • eGYM is a great way to return to the gym - all levels of fitness are catered for.  My daughter has cerebral palsy and is loving the independence of using the equipment on her own.  Once induction has been completed.  The equipment sets its self for your personal fitness level.  Using the eGYM app is encouraging me to keep attending the gym.
    Amanda Lowry - eGym
  • I love eGYM!! It has shown me what I need to do for a full body work out as I wasn't very confident beforehand.  Watching the progress on the app is great too! Given me new motivation for the gym!
    Gemma Hills - eGym
  • I would 100% recommend the eGYM to those people that are unsure about weight training.  I didn't like using the main gym as I found it a little intimidating.  eGYM gives you access to weight machines in a pleasant environment.  It's so easy to use as you login each machine with your personal wristband so the machine sets itself up with the correct weight for you.  This is all done during the induction process.  I've noticed a positive change in my shape and feel much stronger than before.  Would highly recommend to all ages.
    Lynda Ireland - eGym
  • After having my induction and given instructions on how to use each machine, I am loving it.  I always found using free weight machines difficult to use and was unsure if the reps and weights were correct.  eGYM has done it all for me! There is always a goal, whether it's catching the coins, reducing biological age, losing weight and gaining strength or just improving my ranking.  Love it!
    Tina Lovell - eGym
  • Brilliant.  After 4 weeks have noticed a marked improvement on sugar levels being a Type 2 diabetic.
    Margaret Bond - eGym
  • We are really enjoying using the eGYM! Due to its personalised set up, it is a very convenient, quick, effective and easy way to work out.
    Alan and Jyotee - eGym
  • Since start using the eGYM in June I have found It becoming addictive and wanting to go back for more.  It has certainly encouraged me to do more regular weight exercises and helped me get back on track with a fitness programme.  I have also found the equipment preset up allows me to get on and off machines more freely and the set weight allows me to progressively increase my workout the more I use it.  The muscle imbalance section is also very helpful to understand specific areas I need to concentrate on.
    David Parsons - eGym
  • The eGYM has really motivated myself and my husband to come to the gym more regularly.  We are both pleased with our increased strength and it has taken the boredom out of our previous routines.  eGYM is easy to use since each machine sets itself to our personal requirements and it incorporates a balanced set of exercises.
    Sue Drew - eGym
  • eGYM is brilliant.  It's fun and enjoyable it's like playing a game.  It doesn't feel like you are working out as such as your mind is on catching all the coins.  I am enjoying working out more and wanting to come to the gym more often.
    Rebecca Payne - eGym
  • In these busy days it's hard to fit in a fitness routine.  But I find eGYM is the answer.  A complete body workout in half an hour.  I go twice a week and do 2 circuits each time.  I am stronger and my body is more toned in only 1 hour a week.  No waiting for any of the equipment, as everybody moves round at the same pace.
    Gillian Hough - eGym
  • eGYM is brilliant.  No more setting up machines which I have sometimes found difficult.  No distractions whilst working out.  Great when time is short and now able to combine with virtual Body Balance.  Really looking forward to my next session.  Thanks Club Kingswood
    Sylvie Salt - eGym
  • Not being a confident gym user the eGYM is an absolute gem.  I was given an induction and now confidently use the eGYM equipment with no issues.  I love the app showing me muscle areas of strength and muscle areas to focus on.  The fact that it is timed and everyone follows the system, makes the use of the equipment very easy and enjoyable to use.
    Nicola Sansom - eGym
  • The introduction of eGYM at Club Kingswood has been a great introduction to weight training for me.  I have shied away from the machines in the past as I could never remember all the different weight settings and was always worried that my reps were too fast.  eGYM has taken away all off this away and is a simple and easy way of approaching training.  In fact, you can't keep me away!
    Russell Smith - eGym
  • I'm not much of a gym bunny as I prefer racket sports[;] but I was intrigued by what the eGYM could offer me.  So glad I signed up[;] it's a perfect workout for me as I don't have to do anything (apart from the exercise!).  I love that it sets the seat and weight for me and I know that I can do 2 circuits in less than half an hour.  The whole family have now signed up to it and love it too.
    Kerry - eGym

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