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The eGym is Coming to Club Kingswood

08 May, 2019

The eGym is Coming to Club Kingswood

The next level fitness equipment: Digital, fully electronic, and connected exercise equipment.  State of the art weight training equipment.  Designed for fitness enthusiasts, health conscious individuals, and results driven athletes of all kinds.

Watch this video to see exactly how eGym works.

What is the eGym
The eGym is the next workout revolution with the next generation of digital fitness technology. 

eGym provides 18 fully electronic exercise machines for all major muscle groups.  Each machine has been carefully developed based on the latest scientific findings.  These digital training machines integrate all key training principles to ensure your training is a success: ergonomics, effective muscle stimulation, periodisation, variable training load, and personalisation.

eGym is the leading software solution for seamlessly connecting training equipment, your individual usage, your goals and your fitness instructor (if you use one) in one easy to use app.

The eGym Fitness Equipment

  • Ergonomic design for optimal execution of exercises and healthy training supported by sports science.
  • Automatic settings making the equipment easy to use, and safe for your training needs
  • Pioneering software for tracking and controlling your training
  • Large touch screen display for motivating and guidance during your workout
  • Fully connected devices for efficient use and synchronisation of your data and your training plans

The eGym App - Plan, tracks, and evaluate all your sports and physical activities, enabling you to have top-quality support.

Whether you want to build muscle or lose weight, train in the gym or at home without any equipment - the Fitness App is your perfect digital coach.

Create your personal training plan from more than 1,000 exercises with animated instructions for the exercise, log your training, track your progress.  And let your trainer provide more personal guidance than has ever before been possible: The eGym Trainer App means they can get an overview of what you've been doing at any time and fine tune your training as needed.

Synchronise your training equipment - stay connected
The eGym interfaces with popular trackers, fitness bands, apps, and cardio machines, allowing you to synchronise your favourite devices to the eGym Fitness App.

eEgym Network fitness

Easily access all your training data via the eGym Fitness App.
The data generated is synchronised across all devices and is automatically transferred to the app without any need for manual entry.  You can track your entire workout, use the data centrally from within the eGym Fitness App, and take all this valuable information in to account when compiling your training plan.

Safe and convenient: Gym equipment with automatic adjustment of settings
eGym fitness machines make machine training safe and convenient.  After choosing your settings just once, the machines will automatically adjust themselves to the right settings for you in seconds.  You'll no longer have to memorise what seat height you need or what weights you're currently training on.  You won't even have to manually adjust your weights on the stack with a pin - on these machines, you just log in and you're ready to go.  This makes training very safe, as there's no risk of using the wrong training weights or ending up in sitting positions that could be damaging to your health.

Simple and easy to use: Touch screen training machines
All eGym strength training equipment features a large touch screen display.  This ensures all the vital information on your training session is always at your fingertips.  The machine is operated directly via the display.  In just a few clicks, you can select your training program or adjust your training weight.  With the easy to follow display and eGym curve, you will be seamlessly guided through your training - ensuring you can basically do nothing wrong.  The machine shows you exactly what you need to do: The live feedback on the display panel monitors all the key aspects of your training.  This high level of interaction makes it easy for you to monitor your training and stay on track.

Egym Touch Screen

Innovative and Intelligent: Fitness equipment with intuitive software control
The innovative training software means your training on eGym fitness equipment is supported by serious findings by sports scientists.  Regular software updates ensure your training will continue to be adapted to the latest scientific findings - both now and in the future.  The machines automatically select the right training weight for you by calculating your one rep max.  This ensures consistent effective muscle stimulation that reliably adapts to your training progress - allowing you to achieve optimal results.  The software automatically adjusts training parameters, such as weight or the number of repetitions, to ensure you'll achieve your targets.  Automatic periodisation enhances performance by applying different training methods.

Collect points as you work out to help keep you motivated
Collect points as you progress along the eGym training curve, which rewards you for having the right range of motion and speed as you use the machines.  This helps you to maintain concentration on the exercise you're doing and add a little motivation to your entire workout.  It also helps to improve your motion control.

Professional and effective: Gym equipment based on state of the art technology
The eGym fully electronic fitness machines boast well-designed features that add variety to your workout while increasing the effectiveness of your training.  As an example, the integrated electric motor enables dynamic adjustment of training resistance for various training activities for more effective and varied training at optimum performance to dramatically increase strength.  eGym training machines have adjustable joints, ensuring your workouts are both ergonomically and orthopedically correct.  Training resistance that adjusts depending on your joints angle allows training in a larger range of motion and supports optimal muscle utilisation.

Automatic Strength Measurement for the right training weight
Training with weights that are too heavy or too light is one of the most common mistakes when people start working on strength training at the gym.  To train properly without straining your body, you must always know what is the right weight for you based on your current strength levels.  As a crucial benefit over conventional training machines, eGym strength training machines offer automatic strength testing.  This eliminates the need to manually work out the best weight for you.  eGym's strength training machines calculate the exact training weight for you based on your maximum strength, your training goal, the muscle group you are working on, and your personal data.

18 eGym strength training machines for your perfect full body workout
You can use our 18 strength machines to train all the important muscle groups in your body.  The diversity of eGym equipment stems from the complexity of your skeletal muscles.  Muscle groups can be differentiated based on their function.

The machines are designed so that you can focus on individual muscle groups with isolation exercises, depending on your training goal.  This means you can prioritise training those upper body muscles, or perhaps you'd instead like to focus on your stomach, legs, or buttocks.  Thanks to the large selection of fully electronic exercise machines, the eGym training system is also ideal for a full body workout to efficiently train the entire body with a balanced focus on all major muscle groups.

The strength machines can be used on their own in standalone mode or for circuit training, which significantly improves your training results.  This is because circuit training to improve fitness is one of the most efficient forms of training: circuit training allows you to build your strength and endurance at the same time and is particularly time efficient.

Egym Digital Exercise Machine

Exercise equipment with connected apps: everything at your fingertips
All eGym exercise machines have a secure connection to the internet.  All your training data is logged and can be included in your personal training plan.  With the free eGym Fitness App, you'll be able to check out your training progress any time you want.

The eGym Fitness App includes useful features such as analysis, viewing and modifying your training plan, and helpful motivational tools.  Your trainer can also access your training data via the eGym Trainer App.  This allows your trainer to support you in the best way possible and develop training plans that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

Egym Fitness App Trainer

eGym: Exercise equipment that adapts to your needs
Achieve your personal training goals faster and more efficiently with eGym fitness equipment.  Our fitness equipment is suitable for everyone - whatever your age, gender or experience.  Our fitness equipment will help you to get the most out of your training.

Training equipment to build muscle
Your success building muscle and increasing muscle mass will depend largely on the training methods you use to stimulate your muscles.  Our strength training machines feature automatically periodised training programs, which consistently provide new growth stimuli and therefore double the effectiveness of your training.  When you use adaptive training, you train close to your exhaustion limit to unlock your maximum growth potential.  This allows you to substantially increase your muscle mass.  Our fitness equipment allows you to train with heavy weights, meaning even professionals can use our training machines to increase their maximum strength.  This makes it a great option explicitly for hardcore bodybuilders, too, who until now might have stuck rigidly to dumbbells and weights. 

Exercise equipment for weight loss
Lots of people are motivated to keep visiting a gym to burn fat, work on their figure, or sculpting their physique.  When you're at your ideal weight, you'll have more energy and will feel fitter.  But equipment in a conventional gym isn't really designed to help you lose weight, if you don't know what you need to do.  That's because you'll need to engage in specific training activities designed to burn a lot of calories and increase your fat metabolism, as well as concentrate on your diet.  You will only enjoy lasting results if your training weight, number or repetitions, and muscle strain are specifically geared to boost weight loss or improve body shape and are continually adjusted as you make progress.  And that is exactly what eGym exercise equipment can do. 

Exercise equipment for senior athletes
Working on your fitness, power and general strength as you get older can offer numerous benefits - and not just for your physical performance and abilities in everyday life.  It can also be good for your mental health and general wellbeing.  The most important thing for older gym goers is to ensure that you train safely.  eGym's range of exercise equipment features a selection of special programs to increase your fitness level, improve blood supply to the muscles and boost your cardiovascular system.  Automatic machine settings and a large display to guide you through the exercises ensure eGym fitness machines are easy to use. 

What goal do you want to achieve using eGym fitness equipment?
Anything is possible.  Are you striving to boost your overall fitness, become more athletic, or improve your muscle tone? Or are you looking to address muscular deficits and imbalances? Or even simply find a healthy and fun way to stay in shape?

Whether you want to improve your strength, stamina, gain muscles, or a slimmer figure - our gym will help you reach your goal.  It's easier than ever before to get the results you want.

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