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'If you do what you have always done, you get what you have always gotten'. 

I personally live everyday alongside this quote.  I get excited about change and taking daily action towards my goals both personally and for my clients


I have been in the health and fitness industry for 10 years now, it's what I love.  I have been a self-employed personal trainer for some five years here at Club Kingswood specialising in body transformations.


I pride myself on results; I love giving people the outcome that they desire.  I have always had a keen interest to find the solution to problems and barriers that people face to a day-to-day basis.This lead me to providing body transformation packages allowing people to reach their health and fitness goals safely and effectively.  I am a big believer that you can achieve whatever you wish, when the correct system is implemented.  There is always a way.  This drive has allowed me to help hundreds of people, rapidly transform their health fitness and physiques. 

The vast variation of clients really does interest me.  There is no one size fits all protocol; it's a pleasure to work on lots of different people.  My results based passion has also lead me to helping thousand of people online and worldwide.  In the way of results based meal management product ().  I have innovated a number of products that allow people to eat healthily on the go no matter where they are.  It really does work hand in hand with what I deliver and its extremely rewarding knowing you can help people far and wide.

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