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hard work prevails over all."I am a strong believer that nothing is set in stone, with hard work applied to the most efficient and well thought out plan you can change anything. 


I have been a level 3 personal trainer for 4 years and have worked in a multitude of gyms.Advanced kettle bell trainer.Weight training specialist.Sport specific training

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I specify in weight training and hard cardio in order to sculpt the body.  I have been training for 7 years a personal trainer for 3 years and have an extensive knowledge on how the body should move and how it should work.  I use the perfect blend of weight training and cardio to turn your body into a healthier, better looking, and fat burning fitness machine! I am extremely proficient in the 3 compound movements used in lifting which are the "squat" "bench press" and "deadlift" this is what we call functional training.  I can coach you through these movements to make sure your form is 100 per cent correct and through the right programming and coaching can help you achieve incredible strength feats. 

Whether you are training for a competition, looking to get stronger for personal reasons or trying to keep a healthy and functional body this training is for you.  I also provide training programmes and nutrition plans tailored for a specific goal, this paired alongside with the correct training programme leaves no limit what you can do! My training style is very scientific and is based around current trends in the fitness industry that get results.  It is intense military styled workouts that leave you feeling invigorated and sometimes near your wits end ;) however I can say I always get results from it.

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