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Personal Trainer


Passion, inspiration, dreamI have passion for what I do and for my clients, I want to be the inspiration, by practice and preach, I believe in dreaming, don't put a limit on yourself


I've worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years; gaining experience is Nutritional and Lifestyle Assessment, Sports Conditioning, Rehab and GP Referral.


I am the coach for Kingswood Running Club, along with this and my clients I have trained people for the Rat Race, Half and Full Marathons, numerous running events, as well as taking part myself.I've helped people recovery from illness and injuries, with the aim of making them fitter than ever, not letting something stop them from achieving more2017 is no different with a 3 Peaks Challenge with clients and rehab clients all taking partI will go that step further!

Testimonials for heather

  • I have been training with Heather for just under 3 years.  What started as a journey to get just get fit has resulted in me achieving sporting successes which I would not have considered and dropping a couple of dress sizes.  This has been possible due to Heathers varied programs, encouragement, commitment to me as a client/friend and unwavering belief that I can do it when I doubt myself.  It's great to have a trainer who not only considers the physical side but also balancing a hectic lifestyle, the emotional ups and downs that come with that with healthy eating and ideas to make it work.  Our next adventure is the Three Peaks Challenge (yet another experience I would not have taken part in before) and further changed to my training programme which keeps it fresh and interesting.
    Training with Heather - Liz May
  • The circumstances by which I came to start a programme of training with Heather is not a route I would not advocate but the journey to fitness and a healthy lifestyle I would recommend to anyone.
    After years of inactivity and suffering a serious health event it was recommended that I undertake a short course of rehabilitation.  Someone suggested that Heather would be the ideal choice due to her understanding of my conditions.

    If you are serious about changing your life for the better, in an environment where age is no limit to what you can achieve, Heather will lead you every step of the way.

    Training with Heather - Stephen Shynn

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