Aerobic Conditioning

Simple aerobic moves mixed with conditioning exercises using steps, bands and hand weights.


Fun high impact aerobics, set to great music with easy to follow choreography.


A low impact water workout for all levels that includes cardio, muscle strengthening, and balance exercises using a variety of buoyancy equipment.

With less impact on your joints water creates natural resistance, which means every step is more challenging and helps tone your muscles.

Aqua Zumba

Zumba Fitness has taken the winning formula of Latin and international music beats for dance exercise and integrated them in a waterbased workout.  This class is perfect for those looking to make a splash by adding a low-impact, high-energy aquatic exercise to their fitness routine.

Aqua Zumba blends the Zumba philosophy with water resistance, for one big pool party you shouldn't miss!

Back and Active

A 45 minute class designed to reduce back and joint pain, improve mobility, strengthen core muscles.

£5 Members, £7 Non-Members

Body Attack

This is a 55 minute class with two aerobic sections to challenge your cardio fitness and muscle conditioning.  This class will strengthen and tone your entire body with great music to inspire you!

Body Balance

Ideal for anyone and everyone, BODYBALANCE ™* is the yoga-based class that will improve your mind, your body and your life.  During BODYBALANCE an inspired soundtrack plays as you bend and stretch through a series of simple yoga moves and embrace elements of Tai Chi and Pilates.

Body Combat

Body Combat is a high energy, martial arts inspired workout that is totally non-contact.  Punch and kick your way to fitness and burn up to 740 calories in a class! No experience needed, learn moves from Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Muay Thai, Capoeira and Kung Fu! Release stress, have a blast and feel like a champ!

Body Conditioning

Ideal for members who enjoy working with hand weights, flexibands, stability balls and other studio equipment to tone and shape the body in a group fitness environment.

Body Pump

This 60 minute workout challenges all of your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises such as squats, presses, lifts and curls.  The key to Body Pump is 'THE REP EFFECT' a breakthrough in fitness training focusing on high repetition movements with low weight loads.

Body Pump Express is the same as Body Pump with a couple of tracks removed to make the workout shorter.

Box Fit

Box fit is a circuit class including boxing style stations and techniques.  Learn different punch combinations and kicks using focus pads and blocks.

Box Fit


Boxercise is a circuit class including boxing style stations and techniques.  Learn over eight different punches and movement using focus pads.  The workout uses the whole body and the time flys as you work on body movement, agility and momentum.  If you stick with the boxercise workout you'll get fit and enhance muscle definition, but you won't gain bulk.  It's great for relieving stress too!


Cardiac Rehab

Guiding people with heart issues back to an optimum level of physical, mental and psychological well-being and maintaining it.

£4 Members

Cardio Zone

No choreography interval training programme.

Easy Aerobics

A 30 minute 'easy to learn' low impact workout class designed to help mobility and balance.

Easy Moves

A 30 minute low impact workout class designed to help mobility and balance!

Fit Camp

A functional movement circuit offering exercises to strengthen major muscle groups.  This class will finish with a long relaxing stretch.


HIIT class / High Intensity Interval Training A total body, heart pumping, aerobic and strength conditioning workout.  This interval-based class combines full-body strength training with high intensity cardio bursts designed to tone your body, improve your endurance and pick up your calorie output!


Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is a relaxing way to stretch and ease aches and pains.  Heat will melt away any tension allowing greater flexibility and better functional movement.

Hot yoga not only works you on a physical level but mentally you will feel calm, focused and free from stress.  We offer HOT YOGA in 4 x week courses - £10 - member £30 - non members

Indoor Boot Camp

A High Intensity workout which includes a Metafit session and exercises to challenge the Heart Rate and Fat Burning stores!


Insanity is max interval training - working as hard as you can for a small period of time like 1 or 2 minutes followed by a 30 second rest to recover!
Great effective calorie burn!

Latin Fit

A great fun class using Latin dance and other dance moves to give a great cardio workout.
All the music will be a mixture of old and new songs to really get your feet tapping!

Legs, Bums and Tums

Conditioning class to target the areas below the waist! Working with hand weights, tubes and Body Weight, a class for everyone!

Legs, Bums and Tums


Is a series of exercises that are performed on the floor using a Yoga Mat.  Pilates uses body resisted movement to strengthen the muscles around the Pelvis - abdomen and back.  This class will improve your core strength, improve your posture and balance and hopefully relieve chronic back pain.

Pilates Fitness

Links traditional Pilates with Body Conditioning moves concentrating on Core Stability, balance and strength.  This class will use different equipment such as hand weights and resistance bands.

Pilates Fitness

Progressive Pilates

A slightly harder class than Matwork Pilates using strength and control through flowing movements for your core muscles.

Running Club

A relaxed group of runners of all abilities

Self Defense

This class offers self defense, flexibility, speed, agility, strength and cardio fitness.


Spinning is a great way to get fit.  Anyone can benefit from Spinning as you go at your own pace by controlling the resistance on your own spin bike.  Every class is a little different, but one of the great things about Spinning is that it is adaptable to your fitness level.

During the class you vary your pace, motivating music plays in the background as the instructor takes you through an imaginary bike ride.  Spinning focuses your mind and gives you a great physical workout.  There are no complicated moves to learn with Spinning.  Regardless of how fit, flexible or coordinated you are, you will get a great workout.  Simply hop on your bike, set the resistance to the level that's right for you and let your instructor guide you through the ride.

At Club Kingswood we have a number of Spinning classes each day.  Running from 30 minutes to 1 hour see the time table below.  Beginners will have no problems in joining in a 30 minute instructor class or try VIRTUAL RPM SPIN which you can take at your own pace.

Please note - Instructor Spinning classes can be booked up to a week in advance


An indoor group cycling experience with no co-ordination needed whilst working in an energized atmosphere!

Spin & Kettlebells

20 minute Spin class then move into the gym to do some conditioning work with Kettlebells.

Spin and Kettlebells

Spin & Core

30 minutes Spin class followed by an Abs workout in the stretch area of the gym for 15 minutes.


Ideally suited for members not feeling comfortable participating in a fully instructor led class.

You can work as hard as you like......  For as long as you like

Virtual RPM Spin runs throughout the day on a massive 3 meter screen.  This gives you a great opportunity to feel the benefits of cycling and increase your motivation.  With a variety of different classes running from 30 minutes, this allows you to sample a virtual class at your convenience.

VIRTUAL RPM SPIN - No booking required just turn up and jump on a bike! See timetable below


Sprint is a 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout, using an indoor bike to achieve fast results.

It features bursts of intensity where you work as hard as possible, followed by periods of rest that prepare you for the next effort.


  • Burn leam muscle
  • Faster cardio results
  • Burn calories for hours after your workout
  • Short and intense - all done in 30 minutes
  • Build mental toughness and build it fast!

Spin and Core

A 30 minute Spin class using the gears to take you through mix terrain, hills and sprints.  After this you will go to the stretch area in the gym and work on the core muscles! Great all round workout!

Studio Circuit

Different stations set around the studio including Resistance and Aerobic exercises.  Each station lasts around 1 minute and then you move on to the next.  This class is very suitable to a beginner in exercise.

Tai Chi

A slow-moving, meditative way to exercise for relaxation and balance work.

Total Body Workout

A non choreographed Weights session with cardio interval training targeting the whole body.


Designed to improve flexibility, strength and balance whilst relaxing the mind.  Try our beginners class as an intro to Yoga before moving on to the more challenging classes.


A fusion of international music and dance themes that create a fun and exciting workout that's easy to follow.  Routines include a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tones the body and burns calories.

Weekly Classes


Class and Swim Timetable (June 2018)

Class and Swim Timetable (June 2018)

Virtual Spin Timetable

Virtual Spin Timetable

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