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Welcome to our Blog

04 July, 2016 by Alex

Welcome to our Blog

We now have even more great content coming your way, for you guys that follow our social media platforms you will know we are super passionate about giving as much valuable content relating to health and fitness as possible.

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Here at Club Kingswood we set ourselves extremely high standards, from boasting the latest kit, passionate staff to giving you the best customer service, down to delivering the truths in order to get you the RESULTS that you desire.

Today is no different; we wanted to give you Club Kingswood's top three tips to change your health immediately.  That's right, you can begin NOW, we love action takers whilst we love to see people move towards their health and fitness goals.  And if your reading this wondering where you have to go to or how much it's going to cost you, you can rest assured, these secrets are totally FREE and they will certainly change and impact your health right away.

1.Go to the tap NOW!

Drinking water is vital not only for your health but also if you are looking to lose body fat not forgetting to improve your physical performance.  We advise adult's drink between 2-3 litres of water per day.  There are tonnes of benefits to drinking water; we have outlined just a few below.

-Improve concentration

-Increase metabolism (resulting in losing body fat)

-Improve skin and hair condition

-Helps digestion

-Flushes out toxins

It's time to go your tap and drink your first glass of water, we advise all our members to start their day with a large glass of water before anything else.You can add pieces of fruit to infuse some flavour too, equally you can heat and add the likes of lemon or lime for them cold mornings.

2.  Go to your door NOW!

It's time to move, there are so many benefits to moving your body.  And guess what, there is no better time than NOW! We suggest you go for a walk and move right away, one thing that we pride ourselves on here is the ability to tailor workouts for everybody no matter what there ability, health or fitness.  There is always something you can do to improve your physical fitness, and it's crazy how quickly things progress when repeatedly doing them.  Just try brisk walking for 15-20 minutes 3-5x per week to kick start your exercise journey.

3.Go to your cupboards NOW!

We fully understand that nutrition is the number one reason many people fail to see results.  Therefore we have yet another action plan to combat this problem, go to your cupboards and clear out all junk foods that you know you shouldn't have.  Give them to a neighbour or family member.  We have a little rule here at Club Kingswood; if it's not going to take you closer to your goals avoid consuming on a regular basis.

Eliminating these foods from your household is key, as there are no temptations, allowing you to make good decisions.  Surround yourself with the foods that you know will push you towards your goals, improving your health and fitness.  We have tonnes of recipes and meal options coming your way very soon, so keep your eyes peeled across social media and our blog.

As you can see, we love taking determined action here; we look forward to hearing how you feel directly after completing these three actions! Please do tag us across social media or comment below giving us your feedback.

You can expect to see a lot more from us on a weekly basis, we will be meeting the team here at Club Kingswood, seeing behinds the scenes, giveaways, offers, recipes, workouts and much more..  Be sure to visit us regularly for everything health ad fitness.

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