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Weight Training for Fat Loss

12 July, 2017 by Tom

One of the most difficult hurdles us as trainers face with gym-goer's is explaining how a weights program will benefit them when it comes to fat-loss.  People are flooding in the door with a brand-new spotify play list, having mentally preparing themselves for hours upon hours of cardio-time to sculpt that beach body.  But what if we could significantly reduce your workout time AND speed up your results, would you believe us?

It is possible, and to convince you to implement a strong weights program into your weekly routine it's important you understand why and how.

Low/moderate intensity cardio burns calories.  You are likely to burn an extra 40-80 calories over a weights workout depending on what intensity your workout was and the duration of your training session.  However, once that heart-rate steadies and by the time you have stretched before hitting the showers more often than not you're back to that same metabolic state you were before you started.

("metabolic state - a biochemical process allowing us to grow, repair, reproduce and respond to our environment.")

Exercise can have a positive affect on your metabolism in a way that increases the speed in which your body burns calories after exercise...  but scientific research has shown that only specific types and intensity of exercise allow this.  Everyone has a basic metabolic rate (often shortened to BMR) which is simply how many calories we would burn sitting down doing absolutely nothing for 24 hours.  The trick is, and what I am trying to build towards explaining is how you can increase your own BMR by around 10 calories an hour!

Now burning 10 calories might not sound like a big deal, but times that by 24 hours, then 7 days, the 4 weeks to get a total for the month...  can you see where I am going with this now? It's 10 free calories your body will burn an hour for simply adding an element of weight training to your fitness program!

240 calories a day... 1,680 calories a week... 6,720 calories a month!

Weightloss fact

For every 3,600 calories the average person burns, 1lb of bodyweight is reduced.  That means a weights program could help you towards dropping nearly 2lb of stubborn body fat a month!

We should have you convinced that a revved-up BMR is a smart way of stripping that unwanted body-fat! All that's left is for you to know how.

Whether you have a weights program already that doesn't seem to be effective, a regular exerciser that has never considered this type of training or a complete beginner to exercise there is a program that is suited to your wants and needs.  Don't wait any longer...  take action today by speaking to a fitness instructor or booking an appointment with our front desk team.

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