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Life after The Get Lean In 2016 what really happens

05 August, 2016 by Alex

We caught up with Ben Vincent, director of the 'Get Lean' program this week to find out exactly what happens following our members undertaking the 8 week results based course.  Sustainability and continued progression is something that is largely talked about in the health and fitness world.  With many people yo-yoing after diets and exercise programs, it appears that continued progress is something that very few people can sustain...

Get Lean

"Here at Club Kingswood we strive to not only deliver the best body transformation program (in the get lean in 2016 program) but to also take the responsibility of looking after everyone of our members beyond their initial 8 week program.  Health and fitness is never ending, many believe it can be switched on and off, however myself and the rest of the team here are passionate about seeing people change and even hungrier to see continued progression and long term lifestyle changes."

It's extremely frustrating to notice your weight, body shape and health deteriorate almost immediately after completing a particular diet or fitness regime.  Which is why we don't deliver anything of the sort here at Club Kingswood.  Our mission is to educate, and assist members on their journey no matter what it may be, in a way in which can be performed long term.

Ben said "the results that our get lean candidates achieve come as a huge surprise to many, however what's even more surprising is their continued progress following the course.  Let me introduce you to some of our past Leano's..."

Derek Appleton- Derek undertook a huge body transformation during his initial 8 weeks on the program, losing over two stone.  Has he put any weight back on? NO, Derek has continued to make huge progress, he has now officially come off his blood pressure medication, runs up to 10k on a weekly basis and is undertaking his first OCR (obstacle course race) in just a matter of two weeks.  He consistently attends the gym and loves the new energised and confident Derek that he has found.

Alison Morris- After successfully losing 8lb during the get lean course, she has gone on to double this weight loss in the following 8 weeks, She is now at her goal wight and size 10 dress size.  Now Alison enjoys an active lifestyle with her family, training 3-4 times per week consistently whilst eating a wholesome balance diet.

David Hickmore- David lost over two and a half stone during his initial 8 weeks working with the get lean team.  Davids progress hasn't slowed, weight loss is continuing to come down, he is now exercising whilst in the UK, as well as when he visits his holiday home in Spain.  This is something he and his family never thought he would do.  He has dropped more than three waist sizes and has a new lease of life that he is extremely appreciative of.  All we can say is watch this space with this body transformation.

Get Lean

Grace Creckondon- another original Leano, Grace now trains consistently however her goals have changed somewhat from weight loss to becoming athletic and beach body ready.  Following the initial program, Grace now participates in a large amount of resistance and HIIT based training and is in the best condition she has ever been in.  Grace said "he variation of her exercise and the community fell here at Club Kingswood really makes the whole journey enjoyable".

Clare Clarke- Clare certainly hasn't let up since completing the Get Lean program losing a further five pound over the past three weeks, continually pushing herself to her next milestone.  Clare participates in a number of classes along with one on one training based around her personal goals.  Eating out and living a 'normal' life has become achievable after learning so much during the program.  With her total weight loss now pushing the two and a half stone marker, watch this space as we have a complete body transformation on our hands...

Get Lean

We must add how we are extremely proud of all our members, for their continued efforts and drive to change their health and fitness, resulting in massively improved lifestyles and quality of life.  Ben adds 'for me health and fitness doesn't have a time frame, we as humans don't have a time frame.  The Get lean community are passionate about striving forwards, it's exciting to see so many people achieving big things here at Club Kingswood.

For more information on the 'Get Lean' program please email us or call 01268 522954 and ask for Ben.

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