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Burn more body fat in less time here at Club Kingswood

05 July, 2016 by Alex

Does this sound good to you?

Here at Club Kingswood we advocate training smart rather than training hard.  It's all about intensity and making your workout as efficient as possible, we want to give you the quickest, simplest and easiest way to get some rapid results.  As you are probably recognising, we get straight to the point and give you the information that can help you immediately.

You may well of heard of HIIT? (high intensity interval training).  It isn't a new method of training; you may well of heard of it in the past as interval training.  To put it simply, it's short bursts of intense exercise with timely periods of rest.  When performed properly it is extremely effective for many reasons.

Benefits of HIIT

-Raise metabolism

-Save time

-Burn fat NOT MUSCLE

-Increase cardiovascular fitness

-You need limited equipment

-Varied workouts prevent boredom

We aim to provide all the help you need, which is why we have a whole display of HIIT workouts for you situated on the first floor of the gym next to the gym reception area.  Please feel free to take a HIIT training card to use as a reference, our instructors are always on the gym floor to help you too, so if you are unsure please do not hesitate to approach them for some support.  Alternatively you can book in for an update with one of our fitness professionals, they will be excited to tell you more and demonstrate a HIIT session making sure the time you spend in the gym is effective.  More importantly the work you do is going to get YOU the best possible results.  To book in your update simply call 01268 522954.

Find our HIIT training cards upstairs in the gym
Find our HIIT training cards upstairs in the gym.

We post regular workouts over on our Facebook page too, so be sure to follow us at .  Our next blog is going to give the recipe when it comes to weight-loss through nutrition, keep your eyes peeled for this one.

For you guys that like to lift weights don't think this post isn't for you, check out our youtube video of Bayley and Ben performing a Barbell HIIT workout below.

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In light of the recent events we have changed our minds and will not be charging any suspension fees as previously advised.
Your membership will be put on hold until we reopen with no monthly fee, so please do not cancel your direct debit.

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Although we are closed, I'm sure you will still want to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle so we are working on a number of online classes for you to follow at home.

Our team of Fitness Professionals are busy filming a range of home workouts for you to choose from, to do at home or outside.  So keep an eye on our website and Social Media.

We will also publish lots of challenges you can part in on our app, so look out for your notifications

The club and all the other business's here, will come back stronger than ever, and will all be here to support you resuming your life back at the club when we re-open.

Look after yourself and keep safe and look forward to seeing you all soon.

All the Team at Club Kingswood x