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72 lb weight-loss and 10 marathons

21 July, 2016 by Alex

We wanted to share something that is nothing short of remarkable, truly inspirational and something that has touched us her at Club Kingswood.  We have seen thousands of people change their physiques following working with us here.

Let me introduce you to Alison Moriss...  Alison is forty six years old and some three years ago was working hard in her city job within insurance when she happened to be told some sad news.  The dreaded C word, Alison a member here at Club Kingswood has never been one to shy away from a challenge and had always battle her health and fitness goals.  To cut a very long story short, Alison went on to fight cancer successfully not once but twice over a two year period, something we were delighted to hear following a number of operations and intense treatment.
Yet this wasn't quite enough for Alison she wanted more, following her recent battle, health and fitness was now at the forefront of her mind.  She was ready for change, and we are always here with open arms to guide, assist and support anybody that is ready to rapidly change the state of their health and fitness.  One story thats sticks with Alison is one from a conversation with a consultant, explaining how the treatment she had gone through was like running 10 marathons.  On a daily basis this statement stays with Alison, giving her the encouragement that her mind and body is strong enough for anything it can throw at her.

Weight Loss
Here is a recent picture of Alison along with fellow leano's participating in a local 5k run

Alison successfully undertook the get lean in 2016 program, losing around 10lbs and 9 inches.  One thing that we promote here at Club Kingswood is creating a lifestyle change.  There are no quick fixes as you have already learnt from the secrets behind losing belly fat.  Many people assume following completing the get lean program candidates will simply put their weight back on and more.  This is typical of diets, but not a process such as the get lean program.  We take everything into consideration and the fitness professionals here at Club Kingswood understand how the body works, whilst more importantly how your body can get you continued results.
I won't waffle on any further, I will let the pictures do the speaking, all I will add is that Alison has now lost a total weight of 72lbs and I am sure you agree is unrecognisable physically, in health and in mind set.

Weight Loss

We are super proud to of been a part of her journey, I am sure you agree it's a journey to never forget.  Anybody can change when they are ready in their mind to do so...  are you ready for BIG results?
For more information of our 'Get Lean' program please contact Ben at the club on tel 01268 522954, or email

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