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3 Peaks Challenge Part 1

08 August, 2017 by Heather

3 Peaks Challenge Part 1

I can't believe that as I am writing this, it is a week since we were in Fort William trying to find somewhere to eat ...

This time last week 10 friends, clients and family joined me in taking part in the National 3 Peaks 24hr Challenge.  That is climbing Ben Nevis, Scarfell & Snowdon within a 24hr period (including travel).  I had booked it with Active Mountaineering as our guides and Chris was great ...  Thank You Active Mountaineering

Take a look

Now before anyone says anything this was NOT a nice LITTLE walk, it was NOT JUST a walk in the countryside!! It was VERY HARD work.

I could tell you about the climbs, the speed, the cold etc, etc ...  Or I could tell you how proud I was of everyone, how seeing people appear at the meet points made my heart swell.  That seeing clients achieve, seeing clients who I know are amazing see it for themselves was the best 🙂 We are all motivated now to do MORE

People have asked which was hardest to do and this is very difficult to answer.  Ben Nevis was the first one, so it was new and AHHH, Scarfell was FAST and in the DARK and by the time we got to Snowdon our little legs were very tried, so which was the hardest ...  I don't know, but I did enjoy them all, everyone having their own challenge.

We started Ben Nevis at 8.45am Saturday morning, taking us just under 5 hours to complete, then jumped on the coach and we were off to Scarfell, starting around 9.30pm, it was beautiful climbing in the dark, finishing around 1.30am before heading off to Snowdon.  So yes we slept on the coach, we ate on the coach and we changed on the coach!

If anyone is thinking of doing this I would give the following advice ...  TRAIN.  Miles on legs up and DOWN hills.  It is the down as much as the UP.  Practice your food and drink, not just so you fuel correctly but so you understand your system.  Get those WEIGHTS in, squats, lunges, weighted step ups ...  core work is also important for that balancing, or in my case slipping!

Go and visit a mountain or two as part of your training, this is something that I will be adding that in for the next challenge.

I chose to have a guide and this was SO the RIGHT decision, Chris made all the tough calls, so I was left to encourage people, it was Chris that set the pace, so no moaning at me that we were too fast.  I had someone to give ME a hug and say well done 🙂

I bet you now asking would we do this again? Simply yes we would ...  while I was sitting on the coach after Snowdon giving out bacon sandwiches, a client, all smiles came onboard and said 'while walking down we were talking about the Yorkshire 3 Peaks.' Me (in my head) REALLY NOW, outwardly 'yes I get right onto that!!!' So the result we are now planning on doing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge in April 2018 and Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge in July 2018 ...  So watch this space as we keep going on our challenges 🙂

Smiling Faces ...  I am so Proud

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