Our Gym is very different to the traditional concept often found in other large clubs in Essex. Whilst we have a huge range of equipment to choose from (over 200 stations), we have sensitively designed the layout to offer you personal space, and an element of privacy. Those intimidated by the thought of a Gym, consistently comment on “how comfortable they feel here”. All our instructors are highly experienced and qualified, and are on REPs – the Register of Exercise Professionals.

Upon joining you will be guided through your personalised exercise programme, on a ‘one to one’ basis with a member of our Fitness Team. Your programme will be specifically designed to help you achieve your goals, starting with a gentle introduction, gradually building to a stage where you can fit an activity programme into your lifestyle, giving you really meaningful, lasting results.

We also offer members free Programme Updates, a chance to refresh your workout, introducing some new machines and techniques, to keep you improving.


By joining Club Kingswood we will give you the best possible start in helping you achieve your goals and making the most of our Award-winning club. Are you ready and committed?

We won’t just sign you up and leave you to get on with it. You’ll get a personalised programme tailored specifically to your needs. We adopt  American College of Sports Medicine guidelines using heart rate training, which has proved the best guide to see improvements in your fitness.

STARTER SESSION: Health Check / Goal Setting / Cardio & Resistance Programme

This session is to tailor a cardio & resistance programme for your goals. From weight lose, sculpting & toning to gaining muscle & strength, this session is specific to you and your goals. We like you to keep a record on your gym card so you can actively see your improvements along the way.

COMPLETE 14 SESSIONS and get your Tshirt Reward!

Once your program is complete we also offer 20 min intro sessions for the following activities
• Squash & Racketball
• Power Plates
• Spinning
• TRX Straps


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