Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of the session to avoid disruption to the class.
To participate please wear suitable trainers and comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.
Water is available at reception or top up your bottle using the water fountains provided.
CANCELLING A CLASS If you are unable to attend a class please ensure you call to cancel.

Thursdays 9th February – 2nd March 2017

10am – 10.45am or 8.45pm – 9.30pm
4 Week Course: Members £10 | Non-members £30

Hot Yoga is a relaxing way to stretch muscles and ease aches and pains.  Heat will melt away tension allowing greater flexibility and better functional movement. Hot Yoga not only works you on a physical level but mentally you will feel calm, focused and free from stress.


Designed to improve flexibility, strength and balance whilst relaxing the mind. Try our beginners class as an intro to Yoga before moving on to the more challenging classes.
Tai Chi
A slow-moving, meditative way to exercise for relaxation and balance work.
Body Balance
A holistic fitness programme incorporating Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates designed to tone, relax and renew.

Matwork Pilates – NEW
A mixed ability class using movements to improve posture, create strength, muscle tone and flexibility. Feel longer, leaner and more toned. Hopes to lower stress levels.
Progressive Pilates – NEW
Strength + Stretch = Control. Calm + Composure = skill. Flowing powerful movements using Superflex bands and small core stability balls.



Body Conditioning
Ideal for members who enjoy working with hand weights, flexibands, stability balls and other studio equipment to tone and shape the body in a group fitness environment.
Pilates Fitness
Links traditional Pilates with modern moves using body weight and equipment whilst adding a new dimension to core and posture training.
Body Pump &
Body Pump Express
All the benefits of weight training using adjustable weights in a group fitness environment, all set to great music. Pump Express is a
slightly shorter version of Body Pump.

Fighting Fit
This class offers self defence, flexibility, speed, agility, strength and cardio fitness.
Fit Camp
A functional movement circuit offering exercises to strengthen major muscle groups. This class will finish with a long relaxing stretch.
The 30-minute session that tones muscle, boosts metabolism and burns the fat.

Indoor Boot Camp
A High Intensity workout which includes a Metafit session and exercises to challenge the Heart Rate and Fat Burning stores!
Boxercise is a circuit class including boxing style stations and techniques. Learn over eight different punches and movement using focus pads. The workout uses the whole body and the time flys as you work on body movement, agility and momentum. If you stick with the boxercise workout you’ll get fit and enhance muscle definition, but you won’t gain bulk. It’s great for relieving stress too!
Studio Circuit
Different stations set around the studio including Resistance and Aerobic exercises.  Each station lasts around 1 minute and then you move on to the next.  This class is very suitable to a beginner in exercise.

Legs, Bums & Tums
Conditioning class to target the areas below the waist!  Working with hand weights, tubes and Body Weight, a class for everyone!


Body Attack
This is a 55 minute class with two aerobic sections to challenge your cardio fitness and muscle conditioning. This class will strengthen and tone your entire body with great music to inspire you!
Body Combat
An energetic, non contact class which is inspired by kick boxing and martial arts.
Cardio Zone
No choreography interval training programme.

Latin Fit
A great, fun class using traditional Latin moves to give a good aerobic workout.
Zumba is another great Latin inspired dance fitness workout set to great music for all levels!

Aerobic Conditioning
Simple Aerobic moves mixed with conditioning exercises using Steps, bands and hand weights.
Total Body Workout
A non choreographed Weights session with cardio interval training targeting the whole body.

Easy Moves
A 30 minute low impact workout class designed to help mobility and balance!
Easy Aerobics
30 mins Easy to learn low impact moves get the heart pumping. Includes weighted body conditioning and a 30 min stretch & relax
Fun Hi Impact Aerobics set to great music with easy choreography to follow.


Back & Active
A 45 minute class designed to reduce back and joint pain, improve mobility, strengthen core muscles.
£5 Members, £7 Non-Members

Cardiac Rehab
Guiding people with heart issues back to an optimum level of physical, mental and psychological well-being and maintaining it.
£4 Members


A relaxed group of runners of all abilities




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