Q. How do I join?
A. Book an appointment with our membership team over the phone by calling 01268 522954

Q. Where do I get membership prices?
A. As we  tailor our membership packages, we find its better to discuss your needs in person or over the phone to put together the perfect membership plan for you.

Q. What help and advice do I receive when I join?
A. The first few weeks of your membership are vital in ensuring that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and activity programme on a long term basis. This is why you are ‘hand held’ by one of highly qualified Fitness Professionals, on a one to one basis for the few weeks. Your first session will comprise of a ‘one to one’ consultation, where we will agree on some medium and long term health and lifestyle goals, as well as asses where you currently are, so as to monitor your progress. During this session and future sessions, we will structure your personalised programme for you to follow and show you how to use the equipment safely and effectively

Q. How many guests can I bring to the club?
A. As a member you are welcome to bring a guest, or guests to the club. There are no limits to the number of guests you can bring to the club, upon payment of the Guest Fee. Members do take priority when booking classes, but your guest is welcome to join a class if there is space on the day. The same guest is limited to use the Club 12 times in any one calendar year. There is no guest fee or limit to bring someone into the Bar & Restaurant.

Q. Can I book squash/tennis courts and classes in advance?
A. Yes, all courts and classes  can be booked one week in advance, by phone or at reception.

Q. Can I add my son/daughter to my membership?
A. Yes if your son/daughter is between, 13-21, you can add them on, it must be added to your Direct Debit though.

Q. Can I pay as I go?
A. No, you do need to be a member, or come in as a guest of a member. We have a variety of membership options to suit all needs so please call to speak to one of our membership team 01268 522954

Q. What should I wear?
A. The Gym – You do not have to spend a fortune on exercise clothing, the most important item is your footwear, a pair of ‘Cross Trainers’ are the ideal if you are going to do a number of different activities. As long the rest of your clothing is loose and comfortable, e.g. T shirt & Shorts, Tracksuit Trousers etc. then you will be able to train in comfort.
No vests  whilst using the Tennis Courts –  We ask that you change into fresh clothing after your workout, before you use the Bar & Restaurant.

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